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Wings scatter to a thousand pieces ♪
Nov.20.10 - @ cham
→ The joy of the little things
[ Alexiel isn’t looking at the camera, but she doesn’t look perturbed if her relaxed body language is of any indication. Her breathing and the way the snow crops fall from hair long hair are the only motions for the first, expectant minute.

She allows silence linger between them, lifting her large blade with her right arm once she decides to end it. Over one of the many edges, there is a stain of blood. It drips down, tainting the whiteness of the landscape.

I think you have.
Oct.23.10 - TV tropes meme
→ What the Archangel Raphael recalls
I stole this from Fluffy's characters journals.

Under cutCollapse )
→ The joy of the little things
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